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Category: Better Driver app

Getting connected to the Better Driver app – a troubleshooting guide

Click the option below that relates most to the problem you’re having: Unable to… Read more ›

How do I remove a Carrot Wingman from the inside of my car?

To safely remove a Wingman from the inside of your vehicle we recommend the… Read more ›

Better Driver Android app updates

We have a series of planned software releases to support the Better Driver app in its performance across all… Read more ›

How do I check what version of the Better Driver app I have installed?

Open the app on your phone, click ‘More’ at the bottom and then ‘About this… Read more ›

What is a Better Driver app-based policy?

Our Better Driver policy is designed for safe drivers who already have a bit… Read more ›

What is the Better Driver app?

The Better Driver app is a clever bit of technology which uses ‘telematics’ that… Read more ›

Where do I download the Better Driver app from?

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google… Read more ›

How do I log in to the Better Driver app?

Once you’ve purchased your policy, we will send you your log in details via… Read more ›

I have an app policy – how do I claim my weekly treat?

If you have a Better Driver policy and you end your week with a… Read more ›

Getting the most out of your Better Driver app

How to make sure the Better Driver app stays running smoothly.

How to pair the Better Driver app

Once you’ve started your policy with Carrot Insurance, you’ll need to pair your Better… Read more ›

Better Driver iOS app updates

We have updated the Better Driver app to support recent iOS software releases. This update aims to ensure your journeys are tracked as accurately as possible.

Thinking of changing your car?

If for whatever reason you feel it’s time for a change, these three easy steps will make changing your policy part-way through.

If I change my smartphone do I have to re-install the Better Driver app?

If you buy a new phone, you’ll need to download the app and pair it with your car again.

Can the Better Driver app be installed on all phones?

The app is only available on certain IOS and Android devices. To check whether… Read more ›

How do I know my Wingman is working correctly?

The Wingman has a green light, which should flash around every four seconds. If… Read more ›

What if I change my car?

If you change your car, just let us know as soon as possible so… Read more ›

I’ve received an email that says my journeys aren’t recording – what do I do?

You may have received an email if we think some of the journeys you’re… Read more ›

How do I reset the password on my Better Driver app?

Watch the video below to be guided through resetting your password. Any further problems… Read more ›

What does an app-based policy include?

Our app based policy is call Better Driver and it is designed for drivers… Read more ›

Why do I need Bluetooth on at all times?

The Better Driver app uses Bluetooth to measure the connection between your app and… Read more ›

Why do I need Location Services on at all times?

By setting the location permissions on your phone to ‘always’, the Better Driver app… Read more ›

My phone has power-save mode – does this affect the app?

Power save or ‘bed-time mode’ reduces the functionality of the Better Driver app (and… Read more ›

How do I clear the cache on my Better Driver app?

Clear the cache on your phone frequently, follow the steps below to do this… Read more ›

I’m going on holiday – why do I need to tell you?

We’re not trying to jump in your suitcase (unless you let us!), but if… Read more ›

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