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Category: New customers

Black box fitting

Check out this video to see what to expect at a box fit appointment… Read more ›

What do our customers think about our service?

Click below to read some of our reviews, or, if you’re an existing customer,… Read more ›

Our opening hours

If you need help with a new or existing policy, please contact us. Our… Read more ›

Quick access to the dashboard

The dashboard is really easy to access from your mobile phone, follow the instructions… Read more ›

How do I access the dashboard?

If you’re a New Driver or Private Car Telematics customer and have had your… Read more ›

What is a Better Driver app-based policy?

Our Better Driver policy is designed for safe drivers who already have a bit… Read more ›

You’ve had an accident– here’s what to do next:

Stay Calm – don’t panic, accidents don’t always mean a claim is made Be… Read more ›

What is the difference between a black box policy and an app-based policy?

Putting it simply: Our Better Driver (app-based) policy is for more experienced drivers who… Read more ›

All about your Driving Style Score

Everything you need to know about your scores and how they affect your policy.

Your first few days with Carrot

Here’s what you need to do to get started.

How can I earn weekly Carrot rewards?

With Carrot, you’ll get weekly rewards when you keep a good Driving Style Score (above 5).

What documents do I need to send?

We need you to send us a couple of documents once your policy has started.

Downloading your online driving licence summary

As part of the validation of your policy, we require a PDF of your… Read more ›

Do Carrot policies have a curfew?

There is no curfew on a Carrot Insurance policy, but driving late at night… Read more ›

Getting your black box fitted

You’ll need to get your black box installed within 2 weeks of your policy start date.

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