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Category: Wingman

How do I remove a Carrot Wingman from the inside of my car?

To safely remove a Wingman from the inside of your vehicle we recommend the… Read more ›

What is Wingman?

A Wingman is a device about the size of computer mouse, which acts as… Read more ›

How do I get a Wingman?

If you have a Better Driver policy, and your car doesn’t have native Bluetooth,… Read more ›

I’ve ordered a Wingman, but it hasn’t arrived

We use Royal Mail to deliver our Wingman units to you. If you placed… Read more ›

Where should I put my Wingman?

When your Wingman arrives, you’ll receive a handy guide on where to stick your… Read more ›

How do I connect my Wingman?

Once your Wingman is securely stuck in your car, click ‘connect my app’ in… Read more ›

How do I know my Wingman is working correctly?

The Wingman has a green light, which should flash around every four seconds. If… Read more ›

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