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Safe Driver

With Safe Driver, you get the chance to prove you are a good driver by maintaining safe driver behaviour throughout your policy. This would include sticking to speed limits as well as avoiding excess acceleration and or braking. By doing so you could earn a discount on your next year’s renewal.

Safe Driver

Suitable for those who may have previously had convictions or endorsements and are having difficulty getting affordable insurance.

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Telematics ‘Black Box’ fitted to enable us to monitor and help you improve your driving habits.

Monitoring focuses on ‘riskier’ driving factors, such as speed and avoidance of reckless behaviour

A consistently good driving record results in a discount at renewal.



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Is Carrot right for me?

At Carrot Insurance, we love safe drivers. That’s why we’ll reward you for taking care on the road.

We know Black Box insurance isn’t for everyone. If you’re not comfortable with your journeys being recorded and scored, you might want to choose another provider. 

You should also be aware that your policy may be cancelled if you have instances of driving behaviour that we consider unsafe, such as excessive speeding.

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