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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to some of our FAQs can be found below. You can also communicate directly with one of our agents by using the on-screen webchat feature!

Who is Carrot Insurance?

Carrot Insurance is a car insurance company that uses a black box or a smartphone app to track your driving behaviour. If you drive safely, you can earn weekly rewards or renewal discounts. You can find out more on our About Carrot page

How does Carrot Insurance work?

When you take out a policy with Carrot Insurance, you will be given a black box or a smartphone app. The black box will be fitted to your car, and the app will be downloaded to your phone. The black box or app will track your driving behaviour, including things like your speed, acceleration, and braking.

How do I earn rewards with Carrot Insurance?

If you drive safely, you will earn points. You can earn points for things like driving at a safe speed, accelerating and braking smoothly, and avoiding harsh braking and cornering. For example — if you were to drive a certain number of miles without any harsh braking or cornering, you would earn points as a reward.

How can I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem your points for weekly rewards or renewal discounts. Click here to find out more about rewards.

What are the benefits of Carrot Insurance?

There are many benefits to taking out a policy with Carrot Insurance, including:

  • You can earn weekly rewards or renewal discounts for driving safely.
  • You can get connected with a black box or our clever smartphone app.
  • You can check your progress using the app or online dashboard.
  • You can drive safely to get a positive (green) driving score.
Is Carrot Insurance right for me?

Carrot Insurance is a good option for drivers who are looking to save money on their car insurance and who are willing to drive safely in order to earn rewards. If you are not comfortable with your driving behaviour being tracked, then Carrot Insurance may not be the right option for you.

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